Create Own Perfume Based On Designer Fragrance

You are striving to be a bit different in any situation, have a solid opinion even if you are not well aware of the subject; you like to do random things and your style cannot be described as ‘common’. If this depicts your way of living, you definitely try to be unique in every aspect of your life.

Personal style, extraordinary clothes and accessories really help to emphasize your character. But let me ask you one question: does your perfume as unique as your charisma? Probably, it is an expensive designer fragrance and you are indeed crazy about it.

Sorry to disappoint you, but most likely that a great percentage of the population where you live is using a very same scent. And it’s not bad because your favourite scent is so damn good that it’s impossible not to love it. The thing is that it just does not make you unique.

As a perfume addicted, I have a few favourite scents that I cannot live without. It is easier for me to refuse from food than from these fragrances (unfortunately, only for a few days).

People who are searching the ways to express their uniqueness would agree that creating a perfume based on your favourite fragrance is a brilliant idea (thank you genius for inventing this option!)

create own perfume

By taking your beloved designer perfume as a base and creating our own fragrance, you are killing two birds with one shot: save your much-loved scents and add the unique notes to make a perfume more personal.

Me Fragrance makes it very easy to create own perfume: choose a type of the bottle you prefer and then find your aromatic love in the list of designer fragrances.

create own perfume

Afterwards, you will see a pallet of main scents included in the perfume, which you can play with. If you decide to add some new notes, you will get the recommendations whether these notes match the main notes in the perfume or not.

So select your favourite fragrance and create an own perfume, which will be exceptional in your wardrobe perfume collection.

Bonus point: you will save a huge amount of money if you choose to create a scent with Me Fragrance rather than buying a well-advertised designer perfume.

Good luck, beauties!