4 Sexy Manly Home Fragrances

What does your home smell like? Are the scents manly enough? If no – add some masculinity to your place with our sexy manly home fragrances.

Some people believe that candles and home fragrances are not for men. Well, such theory makes men’s perfume, shampoo and body shower useless as well. Can you imagine applying your girlfriend’s perfumes and body washes and feel like in a flower garden all the time? Weird, right?

At this point “Smell Like A Man, Man” campaign came back to mind. So simple, but so true. Men smell like hard work, taut muscles, sexy confidence, ambitions, courage… But not like sugary sweet female fragrances.

Real men should care about the places they live as much as they care about their appearance.

So, please welcome 4 manly home fragrances to give your place a badass nice smell.

Me Fragrance 4 best manly home fragrances

Dirty Rocker


dirty_rocker_candleYou avoid dealing with the general rules and prefer to rock life in your own way? If yes, Dirty Rocker home fragrance collection is certainly for you. Some ‘dirty’ notes of tobacco and petulance blend well with spicy musk and strong certitude. Women like such unpredictable atmosphere so she might be glad to stay longer.

Nude Oud


Want to contribute some luxury to your place? Nude Oud Masculine collection is based on the rare Agarwood CO2, considered the most expensive wood in the world. There are even more royal scents within a fragrance: rich Cedarwood, earthy Lemongrass and sophisticated Iris. If you could put the most luxury clothes, watches and cars in an aroma, that’d be a scent like Nude Oud.

Shibuya Homme

shibuya_homme_diffuser shibuya_homme_candle

Shibuya Homme is for men who live by challenging life. These manly home fragrances are centered around Bamboo that symbolizes strong spirit and also prosperity in Japan. Together with energizing Green Tea and rich Oakmoss, it creates a proper environment for reaching your goals.

Mood For Oud

Mood_for_Oud_diffuser   mood_for_oud_candle

This is all about a secret. It’s a type of those mysterious guys who always attract women with their quite and noble character. Mood For Oud collection enables to develop an enigmatic ambiance by an exotic palette of notes: opulent Agarwood CO2 combines with deep woody scents of Myrrh and Musk while containing seductive Raspberry and Dragon’s Blood scents. But one warning: don’t give away your secrets under any circumstances!