Stylish Candles To Match Your Home Interior

If you strive to create a comfortable atmosphere at your home while matching its interior design, Me Fragrance stylish candles are just what you need.

Often I hear that people find it hard to discover appropriate scents for their homes: either there is a trivial aroma, a keen scent or when you eventually find the right one – the form of the product does not match your home interior. Sounds familiar? Well, we all know how it feels.

Me Fragrance lifestyle candles are designed to satisfy your needs in sophisticated home fragrances and fashionable interior accessories. Our stylish candles match different types of personalities as well as various interior design styles.

Stylish Candles for Modern, Scandinavian and Minimalist Interiors

scandinavian-lounge-grey-black-and-white-box-shelves-french-windowsImage source: Home Designing

Nude & Natural Collection is a line of natural soy candles for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and desire to transfer it to their homes. Nude & Natural candles are perfect for Modern, Scandinavian and Minimalist interior styles.



Stylish Candles for Bohemian Home Interiors

img_8878-3Image source: Design Sponge

Rock n’ Bangkok exotic fragrances emphasize your Bohemians lifestyle: rebellious, wild and free spirit. In this case, you don’t like matching things at all as living up to common standards is not for you. Now you have found the scents for your home that would highlight your attitude.



Stylish Candles with Elegant Scents

fdb2f19fc81bc6245946302043cc0b03Image source: Pinterest

Looking for the combination of elegance and simplicity? Parisian Kiss candles collection is just what you crave for. Inspired by classic floral notes that are well balanced with rich spicy scents and fresh citrus fragrances build some luxury ambiance at your place.



Stylish Candles for Vintage, Industrial and Rustic Interiors

minty-green-armchairImage source: Home Designing

Get Woody candles are all about wood. But don’t worry, our woods are gentle and sophisticated, and will definitely make you want more. It is a comforting combination of some of the rarest and most expensive woods in the world. The candles from the particular collection perfectly suit guys who have classic or vintage pieces at their residences, together with warm and raw elements like wood, copper and leather. The home interior styles include Vintage, Industrial and Rustic.



Stylish Candles for Japanese and Zen Home Interiors

japanese-interior-designImage source: Home Designing

Admire mysterious Japanese culture? Why not to transfer it to your home?! Japanese modern design interiors attract with its peaceful simplicity and natural balance. Japan Fan candles bring sophisticated Japanese style to homes with Japanese and Zen styles.



Stylish Candles for Shabby Chic, Arts and Craft, French & Traditional Interiors

global-chic-shabby-chic1Image source: GoHaus

The sense of our Lovely in Pink collection: think pink, wear pink and be pretty in pink. If you are inspired by beautiful pink flowers such as orchid, peony, pink rose and cherry blossom – the candles from this collection is for you. Lovely in Pink natural candles suit girls who own rooms in Shabby Chic, Arts and Craft, French and Traditional styles.