5 Tips To Feel Beautiful Every Day

Want to feel beautiful every day? Read our recommendations to make it possible!

1) Watch your body language


You have probably heard about the importance of your body gestures but never really examined your body language. Well, it’s time now if you are seeking for the ways to boost the confidence in your beauty.

“Your brain is constantly checking in with the rest of your body to find out how you’re feeling,” says Kelly McGonigal, a health psychologist at Stanford University. This principle works both ways: when you are slouching and crossing your arms, it means that you feel uncomfortable and your brain gets a signal about it. And vice versa: if you make yourself sit up straight, keep your shoulders back and chest open, you will send another signal to your brain: “I feel good and confident”. It works by persuading your brain.

We highly recommend you to try watching your own body language and ‘persuading’ yourself to feel the power of body language.

2) Stop being a judge for your body

Often we do not like our appearance in the mirror. We recollect tonnes of pictures from the popular magazines and issue judgements towards our looks. It is the worst attitude you can have regarding your life. You should accept your appearance and treat it with the respect, not judgements. Try to be an observer, not a judge when you look in the mirror.

3) Learn the art of using fragrances


How many bottles of perfumes do you have sitting on your dresser? How do you usually use them? What do you usually feel after applying a perfume?

Have you noticed the word ‘art’ in the title? Perfume is a secret beauty helper for any women if you are aware of how to use it in a proper way. Various research and observations have proven that perfumes can improve your mood and increase your self-esteem.

“Perfume has the ability to set your mood and your spirit at that moment,” says Sylvie Ganter, the owner of her own perfume company, “It’s a little thing that can really change how you’re feeling and make you feel great.”

The magic behind the bottle of perfume is really simple. When you buy fashion clothes and accessories, you are getting beauty looks. In contrast, you obtain beauty feelings when you acquire fragrances.

4) Find time for yourself


Even if you have three jobs. Or three children. Or three thousand other things to do on a daily basis – find at least an hour or two to work on your appearance. ‘Work’ does not necessarily mean dying in a gym. This might include the activities to maintain your beauty: treating yourself with tasty and healthy food, taking care of your skin, engaging doings that relieve stress or simply having more sleep.




5) Re-discover the value of sleep

We are repeating the importance of having a good night’s sleep once again. We recommend you to watch this mind-changing video for more evidence:

We hope out 5 tips on how to feel beautiful everyday were helpful for you. If you have your own ideas or a formula of how to always feel beautiful, we would love to find it out! Leave your ideas in the comments for a chance to win Me Fragrance $50 gift card for any items from our collections.

Let’s boost the confidence in beauty together!