Pair Fragrance With Makeup

Makeup Meets Fragrance! Pair Fragrance With Makeup

If you’re not pairing your fragrance with your makeup looks, you’ll be amazed at how they can certainly complement each other. Makeup and fragrance can definitely set your overall mood. Here I paired this bold high fashion look with lily, tuberose and lemon. A quick percentage on this one could be:

Lily – 30%
Tuberose – 45%
Lemon – 25%

A beautiful custom fragrance should be a finishing touch to your overall look. So whether you’re rockin the smoky eyes look or going for that bright red lipstick, there is a custom perfume that will complement better than others. So I always say when creating custom scents that you want to think about your overall mood, both fragrance and makeup definitely elicit an aura that can affect your emotions and attitude.

To pair fragrance with makeup properly you want to evaluate everything from your color makeup palette to your mood to what you’ll be doing.

Coral Makeup Fragrance

Coral makeup eyes…Sweet pea, peaches and strawberries make a great fruity floral for you summer makeup looks. Here is fragrance is a bit on the sweeter side, but will
complement this nice summer makeup look.






Smoky makeup fragrance

Smoky makeup fragrance


Sweet fragrance for a sweet makeup look. Chocolate floral perfume complements this killer look. Here we would go a little richer with rose absolute and chocolate and then add in some richer complementary notes. This would be a look more for a evening out at a fashion event or when you just feel like getting more daring with our makeup looks, just don’t be afraid to get more daring with your custom fragrance creations.

Definitely can be some trial and error in pairing fragrance with makeup, especially if you’re creating special perfume blends to complement favorite makeup looks, but that is part of the fun of creating your own fragrance. It really is a creative process, just like makeup. Sometimes it may take you a few times to lock down that makeup look you saw in the magazine, the same can be true when developing a custom scent or perfume.