Boho Fragrance Fashion

Boho Fragrance Fashion Rocks

Boho Fragrance meets fashion. Vanilla, almond and sandalwood blend perfectly for those boho chic looks, outfit from Oneill Womens.

This outfit reminds me of just sitting on the beach around a campfire listening to that one guy that always brings his guitar. I think you all know that one guy, he usually doesn’t wear shoes, but he’s got that sweet guitar strapped to his back. He drives a van, that he may or may not live in. Nobody ever knows who invited him, but he’s there around the fire ready to entertain the drunk campfire crowd. His music might even suck, but hey you’re at the beach with friends just chilling and having a good time. Create a custom fragrance blend of Vanilla, Almond and Sandalwood to complement this summer evening at the beach. Boho fragrance summer fashion is about comfortable airy cool dresses, your summer fragrance can be many things to go with this, it could be citrus based, aquatic, or a little on the sweeter side like this one. I went with this one because this summer dress (anna sui for oneill btw) just made me think of sandalwood right off the bat and I think that vanilla and almond go great with sandalwood and balances each other nicely.

This custom perfume blend could use the following percentages:

50% Vanilla
35% Sandalwood
15% Almond

You could also go 40/40/20 or 50/40/10 depending on your preferences. Our Almond oil is a bit on the stronger side so it can overpower a little bit if you go to high, it all depends how much you love almond, but I feel like it should be a more subtle aspect to this custom boho fragrance blend. Of course when creating your own perfume or creating your custom blended fragrances, you are the master of your scent palette, so get creative.