Men’s Summer Fragrance Custom Blends

Men’s Summer Fragrance Custom Blends meets summer fashion for men. I didn’t go with shorts here because most men need to cover that up…pasty legs, unruly hair…summer doesn’t always have to mean shorts. So here’s how you cover that up and still look slick. And when you dress slick, you better smell slick, so create a custom fragrance blend with bergamot, oakmoss and an aquatic note.

Men’s summer fragrances are a staple of course once things start to heat up, they work great because they can be used during the day or in the evening. Whether your lounging at a pool party or hitting the rooftop bars in the evening…you’re probably not going to opt for a heavier fragrance. So when you’re thinking summer cocktails and brighter summer fashion, create yourself a custom cologne to complement this. A men’s summer fragrance can be simple and here I’ve illustrated that with bergamot, oakmoss and an aquatic note. We have over 10 aquatic notes so you’ll want to read into each to see which one fits you best, here ocean breeze and ocean water should work well.

Feel free to post some of your custom summer fragrance blends, I love to see what people are creating.