Fashion Meets Fragrance

Fashion meets fragrance. In light of the upcoming summer, the coolest season of all seasons…wait, it’s actually the hottest season…damn, well you know what I mean…I’ll be doing a bunch of posts about how you can pair your custom fragrances with favorite outfits. Here we showcase these adorable shorts to pair with a fragrance of watermelon, pink grapefruit and tuberose. A nice fruity floral perfect for a summer day.

This could be as simple as:

40% Tuberose
30% Watermelon
30% Pink Grapefruit

When considering creating a fragrance to complement your fashion style or a particular outfit, keep in mind the time of day you’ll be wearing it, the colors of the outfit and the mood you want to experience with your fragrance. These can all help guide you in choosing the proper fragrances to blend together to create that killer custom fragrance.